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2019 Rowdown Nursery

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It’s that time of year again…yearlings. There are that many for sale you can shop ‘til you drop! But there is a huge divide in yearling prices. Well-bred yearlings go for fortunes; in most cases far more than they are worth. The money at the top end never seems to dry up; they keep buying, hoping they will find the next Guineas winner. But like any gold rush, there has been massive over production and the market is flooded. There is a large number of yearlings that haven’t quite made the grade for one reason or another. They might appear the wrong size or shape; or their sire might have gone cold. But buying yearlings is not an exact science; most of the expensive ones will be disappointing and there will be plenty of winners among the cheaper ones if they are given the chance.

We have always done well buying these yearlings at the bottom end of the market and there has never been a better time to pick up bargains…lots of them!

In the past we have generally bought a few in October and we sell them as individuals, but it’s a risky business for you, being involved in one young horse before it’s even old enough to race (as I’m sure a lot of you know!).

What we suggest is to hedge our bets. Our idea is to buy good value yearlings, we like physically and might also be a good bet on paper. For example, first/second season sires. All they need is a couple of good winners early next year and their whole progeny increase in value. Or something small and sharp we think could get on the track in April; you can pick up wins before most 2 year olds are ready to race.

With this idea we have to weigh up the number of horses against the overheads. If we get too many; any success we have won’t necessarily outweigh the training costs. We think 4 yearlings is about right. We will have a chance of an exciting horse or two and we can keep the training low.

To get these numbers in we need your help now; we can’t carry the financial weight of these yearlings all winter on our own. But in truth we won’t know what’s what until March; which is why we are keeping them all under the same banner. We don’t want anyone to feel the disappointment of being in the wrong horse come the spring.


£1,600 shares to support the Nursery until the end of March.

We would like 20 shares at £1,600; to purchase, break in and train four yearlings until 31st March 2019. We will take the first 5 shares (25%) to show our commitment and hopefully share in the success! We are looking for 8 to 10 people to take the remaining 15 shares. We feel this is really good value to be involved in 4 horses, two Colts and two Fillies, and when April comes along we will only carry on with those we feel can cut the mustard on the race track. This could potentially reduce the training costs from April onwards (unless we have 4 superstars but I don’t think anyone will complain about that!).

The Two Colts are by Hallowed Crown and Morpheus

Hallowed Crown Colt

Morpheus Colt

and the two Fillies are by the Champion Sprint Sire Kyllachy and by Cable Bay

Kyllachy Filly

Cable Bay Filly

and if you follow this link you can see quite a bit about all four of them as individuals.


For your support in this venture we will keep you informed on all the yearlings’ progress. We will pick out a number of breakfast mornings through the winter when you can come down and see them all on the gallops.


They will be paraded just before the start of the turf season. By then we should have a good idea which way to go forward with each horse individually.


We will send more information out shortly, going into further detail of the finances from April onwards and the yearlings that will be in the Nursery. We’ve given you plenty to digest already! But named the “Nursery”, these aren’t going to be horses that stay in this partnership at 3 and 4 years old. At the end of October 2019, they will be sold or moved into other partnerships. Whilst we want some fun with them, this is an investment and if any of the 2-year-olds do well and become valuable we will strongly consider selling.

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